publications by categories in reversed chronological order.


  1. Change Point Detection for Random Objects using Distance Profiles
    Paromita Dubey, and Minxing Zheng
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2311.16025, 2023


  1. Metric Statistics: Exploration and Inference for Random Objects With Distance Profiles
    Paromita Dubey, Yaqing Chen, and Hans-Georg Müller
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2202.06117v3, 2022
  2. Learning delay dynamics for multivariate stochastic processes, with application to the prediction of the growth rate of COVID-19 cases in the United States
    Paromita Dubey, Yaqing Chen, Álvaro Gajardo, and 5 more authors
    Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 2022


  1. Online network change point detection with missing values
    Paromita Dubey, Haotian Xu, and Yi Yu
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2110.06450, 2021
  2. Modeling time-varying random objects and dynamic networks
    Paromita Dubey, and Hans-Georg Müller
    Journal of the American Statistical Association, 2021
  3. Modeling sparse longitudinal data in early neurodevelopment
    Yaqing Chen, Paromita Dubey, Hans-Georg Müller, and 3 more authors
    NeuroImage, 2021


  1. Time dynamics of COVID-19
    Cody Carroll, Satarupa Bhattacharjee, Yaqing Chen, and 6 more authors
    Scientific reports, 2020
  2. Fréchet change-point detection
    Paromita Dubey, and Hans-Georg Müller
    The Annals of Statistics, 2020
  3. Functional models for time-varying random objects
    Paromita Dubey, and Hans-Georg Müller
    Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series B (Statistical Methodology), 2020


  1. Fréchet analysis of variance for random objects
    Paromita Dubey, and Hans-Georg Müller
    Biometrika, 2019


  1. Modeling bimodal discrete data using Conway-Maxwell-Poisson mixture models
    Pragya Sur, Galit Shmueli, Smarajit Bose, and 1 more author
    Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, 2015